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We help entrepreneurs at the inception and critical junctures of their software development product lifecycle. Our team has worked personally in embryonic and scaled start-ups with technology that has processed over $1B in business already and counting.

Bridge from Vision to Viable Product

One of the most difficult challenges for a technology start-up is getting its MVP developed. Founders continue to cite hazards and peril to getting to a place where a tech platform is ready for business. Mindfield provides stability in helping founders get there. Our team consists of a network of technology founders.
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Buck Stops Here

We help founders who have tried the shortcuts and offshore teams, and it hasn't worked out. We get products and platforms to the finish line. We're not the first call but we're the last call that needs to be made.

Business Model Ideation

We help provide consulting services to help identify the best path for monetization and long-term competitiveness. This service is a rare offering that many tech shops and even top-tier consulting firms shy away from. For Mindfield it's part of the differentiator we provide to clients.
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