Digital Transformation

Replace your existing traditional IT with cutting edge technology

Problems Addressed by IT Transformation

Decriasing Margins

Decreasing Margins

Organizations often are surprised by increasing costs and lowered profitability. This happens because people are too busy to look into the minutia of financials because it takes too much time to provide accurate and actionable reports.
Staff Burnout

Staff Burnout

As the business grows workload grows the processes and systems in place also need to mature. If left alone this means valued staff takes on on additional work and stress.
compliance gaps

Compliance Gaps

Feel like you're always fighting the fires? From data privacy from users struggling to access their work. Compliance is important to avoid regulator penalties but can often come at odds with organizational effectiveness and getting things done.
Reduced Market Share

Reduced Market Share

Customers go with other providers when service and consistency can be counted on. Organizations can consider investing in process improvement and refining their systems to help create confidence and turn the tide.
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Shadow IT

Without centralized IT and a trusted advisor, team members will make snap decisions to buy software or licenses that can help them get through their day. This leads to increased technology spending and can result in double expenses for similar features.
Soiled Teams

Compliance Gaps

Tech professionals often find themselves looking into new technologies and can often be demotivated or forced to perform at a "good enough" level. People get comfortable and ultimately leads to the team being less effective or competitive to industry incumbents.


Together we identify the right people and team structures to help get the important things done, while keeping sanity, kids taken care of, and pets fed.


Culture, we let guiding principles and values do just that guide. So that your business can leverage IT to enable everyone to be helpful and healthy.

Process & Technology

We help deliver the process of technology by automating and scaling processes that are satured with secret sauce.


IT Roadmap Development

We help you evolve with agility and security

Executive Alignment

We ensure everyone gets heard and get buy-in on the way forward.

ERP Remediation

We help salvage and resurrect failing initiatives.

Information Technology Audit

We review and bring to focus critical technology for impact.

Technology Debt Remediation

Enabling technology to lead rather to impede.

Business Case Development / Socialization

We help articulate value for every IT for approval and execution.

Customer Review

Assigned team member(s) had an abundance of knowledge in all areas of IT from network/technical support, infrastructure, web security, programming, and database management. With a clear understanding of dependencies across all aspects of IT and even of the business ... that solve real business problems. I would highly recommend Mindfield Consulting for your IT projects.
Carmen Jung

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