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Our team is comprised of expert software engineers, architects, technology directors, and change professionals. Together we build mission critical technologies and teams that help customers lead their global businesses or serve remote communities with vital access to financial resources.


We help you realize the lifestyle and milestones that are important in your personal and career journey. Do your best work at Mindfield and realize life and life abundantly. Team members can work on-site or remotely, to enable life and all its pursuits in consideration for Family members, Personal endeavours, An emerging venture, Travel and live as a digital nomad.


Working on our client’s mission critical mandates means the technology and solutions will be industry leading and one of its kind. We utilize the latest delivery methods and technologies because effective and timely delivery. We know that if our people don’t grow it means we don’t grow, Mindfield is committed to the talent experience and career growth of each of our team members.


We’re funny, punny, and jokes. If humour doesn’t come naturally to you, that’s ok. We’ll help you find a punch line or two. Our team juggles multiple projects and because working on mission critical software can be a rewarding challenge, humour often helps.


We are Growing Across Canada

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