Bring IT to the Forefront of the Organization

Connecting the dots to your organization's most pertinent technology challenges with a proven arsenal. Our set of initiatives helps elevate IT into the strategic realm.

License to Thrill

Our team has a penchant for winning over chief executives to green light ambitious and innovative technology projects. We commit not only to gain license but to thrill end users with what we build together with our clients.
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Tailored Quality in IT Organization Design

Our IT department's craftmenship is unique to the organization we serve. One size doesn't fit all and we take care in providing people, best practices, and platforms to help take an organization from 10 to 10,000 and beyond. Our depth ranges from agile IT departments to fully mission catered technology teams that serve publically traded and billion-dollar corporations.

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Mindfield provides fractional or contract resource augmentation for IT departments in-flight with an aggressive or predictable workload. We help find the right fit for your organization no matter the industry, niche, and legacy technology in play.
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Transportation Investment Corporation
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